Breakfast on the shores of Coniston Water

After a fitful, warm night in the tent, I awoke to the delightful tones of my pal telling his dog to ‘shurrup’ (the fact that he was making all the noise was besides the point). As I poked my head out of the tent, he told me & Harry to get our kit together as we were off for an early morning paddle.

A few minutes later, with John on his paddleboard, Harry & I were paddling the canoe gently through the water.

After a bit of zigzagging (it was all Harry’s fault, honest) we finally ended up on a small beach area at a deserted canoe club & immediately fired-up the stove & within minutes the smell of bacon was wafting across the lake. With the Old Man of Coniston in the background, we sat & ate bacon sandwiches & drank tea & messed-around a bit & chatted & messed around some more & then packed up & pushed off to explore more of the lake.

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